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WHAT IS FORSKOLIN? A miraculous weight loss supplement. it has excited docters & scientists. Forskolin, a plant from the mint family, grows on the mountain slopes of India and has held many benefits within ayurvedic medicine. Recent studies have shown the potential of this leaf to aid in obesity and fat loss.

It has been used in traditional Indian Medicine for hundreds of years. The supplement we are providing is an extract of this plant that belongs to the mint family. This is the exact formula that many weight loss experts are talking about.

Recent buzz in the media about Forskolin has increased the popularity of this ingredient as a potential solution to weight loss. Backed by multiple clinical studies showing the effectiveness, taking our Forskolin Extract Plus can aid with your weight loss goals.
Forskolinís active ingredient, Coleus Forskohlii root extract, is the
strong stimulator of the molecule Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP), which causes the release of a thyroid hormone that burns
body fat and calories & helps in weight loss.
Forskolin Extract Plus also stimulates the production of cAMP by
activating an enzyme that affects almost every cell in the body &
significantly influences metabolic processes to promote lean body
mass and weight loss. This process increases your metabolism and supports your body to break down stored body fat. Results from
various studies point out that Forskolin Extract Plus is possibly a therapeutic natural remedy for weight loss management.
Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP):
cAMP is a cell messenger that
relays important biological processes
relating to hormones, glucagon, adrenaline,
and protein throughout your body.
Adenylate Cyclase:
It is a very important enzyme
which helps regulates almost every single cell
in the human body! This enzyme as key roles in the liver, and is a
plays key role in keeping the human body healthy and happy!
cAMP stimulates production of enzymes
& hormones in your body that fuel your
metabolism and burn fat & calories. This
prevents you from adding new fat and
melts away pounds from your waist &
increases your energy levels.
The cAMP in Forskolin activates protein
kinase, which is involved in the break-
down of the building blocks of fatty
tissues known as triglycerides. Having a
lower amount of triglycerides is hugely
beneficial to your overall health.
Forskolin raises thyroid hormone levels
& testosterone levels, which naturally
leads to an increase in both fat burning
and lean body mass. The increase in
testosterone promotes more efficient
protein synthesis, which aids in growth
of lean muscle.